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Lars Dittmann

Professor, M.Sc. EE, PhD
Head of Networks Technology and Service Platforms,
Section head Communication technology
Technical University of Denmark
Oersteds Plads, Building 343
Direct +45 45253851 Mobile +45 40310506


Management structure:

Work Package Leaders:

WP1 – Architecture Design and Modelling:  José Ignacio Aznar Baranda <>

WP2 – High-Performance Optical Subsystems and Devices: Oded Raz <>

WP3 – SDN Framework Architecture and Protocol Extensions: Giada Landi  <>

WP4 – Converged Virtualization of Optical Network and IT Resources: Katherine Barabash <>

WP5 – Integration, Validation and Demonstration: Michael Galili <>

WP6 – Standardization, Dissemination and Exploitation: Alessandro Predieri <>

WP7 Project Management and Administration: Lars Dittmann <>

Management assistant:

Helene Udsen <>

Quality management:

Sarah Ruepp <>

IPR manager:

Jes Broeng <>

Financial manager:

Kristian Juul <>